Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I would let nothing of you go, ever

 R.I.P. Audie Blanche Simpson 
 February 6th, 1916 - October 26th 2012

Tonight my world is much darker without her. 96 years young, and  the strongest person - not just woman - I've ever known. You are an inspiration to everyone you met, and I was blessed to be born your granddaughter. I hope you are with my mom and grandfather celebrating in paradise tonight. There won't be a day that goes by that I don't think about of all of you.

My grandmother and I have always had a really special relationship, and we've been especially close because I have been caring for her on my own after my Mother passed away in 2005. We bonded over being two girls who felt completely alone, and completely devastated after losing my mother - her daughter - almost seven years ago. Her strength was an inspiration to to anyone who came in contact with her, from her day's growing up in Oklahoma with Cherokee roots, putting herself through college, becoming a teacher, and buying her parent's a farm, surviving the Great Depression, to marrying my Grandfather right before he went off to war, and migrating to California during WWII to wait for his safe return: without a doubt, she is my hero. Some of you may know that in the last two years I have really put work on the back-burner, and have cut my traveling as much as possible to be by her side as her health was declining. Up until a few days ago, I don't think I ever really believed there would be a time when she wouldn't be here anymore, probably because when that happened, I would be the only one in my family still in the mortal realm, and also because to me she was indestructible. Now that she's really gone, it's crushing.

Monday, October 22, 2012


You know me: I'm all about the classics. Give me a good basic, and I'll wear it into the ground. I'm constantly on the road, so my wardrobe has to be crammed neatly into a suitcase that isn't too heavy to deal with. Also, the pieces I pack have to be completely interchangeable so I have more outfit options for what may become an extended trip. This cape from Rachel Zoe looks great over anything, and it adds instant polish and warmth. I'm in love, it's like a chic blanket that's acceptable to leave the house in; pure coziness. I can't get away from mentioning the boots too (also thanks to Rachel Zoe), or what I should actually call epic-rock-star-footwear that are capable of making even the most boring outfit look really fucking cool.

Wearing a cape and boots thanks to Rachel Zoe and BPCM (F/W '12), vintage shirt, and leather pants from J Brand.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Spirit Day 2012

Wearing a vintage silk Halston shirt, vintage scarf, purple riding pants thanks to American Apparel, and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Here I am in head to toe violet, eggplant, and amethyst in support of Spirit Day - an annual day in October when millions of people wear purple to speak out against bullying and to show their support for the LGBT community. Check out GLAAD.org to get involved!

I know how annoying it is when people who seemingly have it all together tell you "it's all gonna be A-OK!"- it always sounds like cheese-fest bullshit, but I just want you all to know for what it's worth; I'm on your side. I know what a lot of you out there go through, or have been through, I know sometimes it feels like the hard times will never end, and your life will never be any better than complete Hell - but it will. High school was rough for me, and junior high may possibly have been rougher...and elementary school actually pretty horrible too - I've got binders full of stories that will make even the most jaded of you out there crumble; I'm sure that's the case for a lot of us. People are mean, and generally this is a pretty harsh and unkind world, but getting through the twelfth grade and coming out the other side as a normal functioning human being is not an easy task, and believe me - I know. After going through high school and living to tell about it, the best advice I could give you guys is just to love yourself for who you really are, forgive your enemies, compare yourself to no one, and if you need help - for any reason, don't be afraid to reach out.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Casual

Topshop Boutique denim dress, gifted Rachel Zoe Hayden boots (FW '12).

Monday, October 1, 2012