Monday, December 3, 2012

Paul Mitchell x Krystal Simpson
Curl Confessions

As you guys may already know, I've teamed up with Paul Mitchell to help launch their Curl Confession campaign, and as the grand finale of our collaboration I bring you my very own curl confession video. My hair routine is super-simple, it's of ye olde wash-n-go variety. I have zero patience for most things, hair included. In fact, my hair suddenly seems unbearably long during the slightly cooler California winter weather, and I've been dreaming of haircuts that would free me from the lengthy wash and dry process. Feel free to tweet me your haircut suggestions, and follow the progress on Instagram, and if you have your own curl confession, head over to Paul Mitchell's Facebook page to submit your own video, and you can be viewed live on their site.

Brought to you by Paul Mitchell. Shot and edited by Aaron Gonzalez, and featuring me of course, @ Next.