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Exclusive Interview with Sophomore's Chrissie Miller

Sophomore. Photo by Colin Simmon.

Sophomore instantly caught my eye when the brand first appeared on the scene, how could it not? With its downtown Manhattan effortlessness, the pieces easily find their way into any wardrobe--and it all started with a simple t-shirt. Now every fashionista is clamoring to get their hands on Sophomore's pieces. I decided to see what founder Chrissie Miller thinks about reality with all that creativity swirling through her company...

Name: Chrissie Miller

Occupation: Sophomore

What concept, philosophy, or idea do you wish someone had told you when you were younger?
The Laws of Attraction by Ester Hicks. Everyone should read it!

Who/What has been your biggest influence? My mom, Susan Miller.

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be: An actresses

What silly thing are you scared of? Mice!

The crazy thing that inspires me is: The internet

What's the first thing you do when you wakeup in the morning? Put on music

My true passion is: My family

What is your secret guilty pleasure? Sleeping too much

Music today is: getting better

Who would you want to play you in the movie about your life? Bijou Phillips

LA or NY? NY, duhh!

Mary Kate or Ashley? None of the above

Hipsters are: my friends

What is your favorite quote/motto/mantra? If you think you can or can't. you are right either way.

The most life-changing book I have ever read was : "Please Kill Me" by Legs McNeil

My secret, or hate-to-admit-it crush is: A young Matt Dillon

My personal hero/idol is: Again, my mommy!

The best new designer is: Alex Wang... love him.

My top three favorite bands/groups/singers are
1. The Doors
2. Neil Young
3. Radiohead

If I could suddenly inherit anyone's closet, I would choose: Kate Moss

My go-to karaoke song is: Picture by Kid Rock

It really pisses me off when : I can’t sleep

I am never more happy when I am: with the people I love.

How tall are you?

When I get dressed, I'm usually thinking: Hurry up!

Where were you born? New York

What's the worst fashion crime one could possibly commit? Crocs

The 70's is my all-time favorite era in fashion.

Do you secretly watch The Hills (and sometimes lie about it)? Yup and I don’t lie about it.

My favorite website is

My favorite store to shop at is: Opening Ceremony

My favorite food is: Spaghetti

Love is: real

What is reality? Nothing is real, it’s all perception.

Special thanks to Chrissie Miller and Sophomore! For more information about Sophomore, and to view their Spring 2009 line, visit the Sophomore website.

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"her coy laugh suggests, Well, you’re not a legend like Keith Richards..." --The New Yorker Magazine

"Krystal, an attractive blond poet, is the only one who really seems to know the magazine, at least as it was in the days when Annie Leibovitz spent weeks on the road photographing the Stones (and doing drugs with them, as Wenner rather meanly suggested in a recent “American Masters” about Leibovitz on PBS). When Krystal leaves her sepulchral boyfriend behind in Salinas—forever, it seems clear—she jokes about running off with Steven Tyler, and in a video Q. & A. posted on she talks about hoping to party with Keith Richards. When Slug, the front man of Atmosphere, tells Krystal, “I totally want to make out with you,” her coy laugh suggests, Well, you’re not a legend like Keith Richards—you couldn’t be my grandfather—but, then again . . . No one seems to have got the memo about sucking face with your subjects." --The New Yorker, Tad Friend

I love it when someone gets it totally right. Life isn't meant to be strict! The photo was from my last Studio 54 themed birthday party. I brought those savage fake mustaches for my friends--but I couldn't resist.

You can read The New Yorker article in-full here.

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